Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm celebrating a BIG birthday in December. At least it feels big. Not a new-decade big birthday. An end-of-a-decade birthday big. I am turning 49.

The body doesn't seem to be taking it well. Yesterday I had a "procedure" to help reverse a condition referred to as "frozen shoulder". I was sedated for a short time, so the orthopedist could rotate my arm above my shoulder to break up the "gunk". Now I have daily physical therapy for a few weeks.

This morning I leaned over to pick something up and immediately felt a twinge in my back. The ice pack is rotating between my shoulder and back right now.

I think my body is sending me a message..."take care of me...I'm not gettin any younger".

All right, all right...I get it, but I don't like it...not one bit. I have been trying to make some changes. I started a gluten-free diet about 6 weeks ago and gave up diet coke 17 days ago (yes, I'm counting the days!). I'm trying to heal my gut. It's a challenge, but it's going o.k.

I like those new-decade birthdays much more than these end-of-a-decade birthdays. Turning 49 is just a reminder that I'm coming to the end of something. I may not turn cartwheels about 50, but at least it's the beginning of something new.

But I guess this birthday is a not-so-gentle reminder that the body has a few miles on it and if I want to make another 50, I better take care of it. 

And with an occasional visit from my friend, Ms. Clairol, I will.


pinkglitterfae said...

I'm not too far behind you, lol!
you know, we take our bodies for granted when we are younger, but eventually things catch up to us. How is the gluten free diet working for you? I've wondered if I should cut it out. I already dropped whole wheat breads, and buy gluten free bread, which is quite delicious!

Yoga would be something you may want to consider, to keep you flexible and toned. If we look after and respect our bodies now, they will look after us later.
Good for you for dumping diet Coke, people have no idea how toxic it really is, until you start doing a little homework on it. If people dropped all sodas, and drank more natural liquids, I wonder how many diseases and other health problems would disappear?

Ricë said...

hey, i had to come visit because your name is "risa." not spelled the same, but sounds i-DEN-ticle (from My Cousin Vinny, of course).

50 isn't bad. and if it's encouraging you to change the way you eat and stuff, it's a Really Good Thing. and pinkglitterfae is absolutley right: those diet drinks are from the devil. horrible, horrible stuff, artificial sweeteners. scary as all get out. i'm betting you'll feel much better when it's all out of your system!