Saturday, October 3, 2009

Art Crawl prep continues




It's been a good week...still riding the high from the MN Women's Press coming out. It's a thrill to be out and about around town and see my painting on the cover!

Today back to the studio to keep working--still trying to get this series of painting done in time for the crawl next weekend.  Here are some updated pics. Basically I'm at the point where I need to finish up by working on these ladies' lovely faces...not my favorite part! But I am enjoying working on these--something very different for me. It's good to challenge yourself sometimes. I am learning lots as I work on these and lots of new ideas are flowing from this work. Usually I am so wiped out following the crawl that I take a break from painting. I hope that this year I just keep working. Maybe I need another deadline or show to work towards. Actually I do, because my Jax studio will be open in November for Lowertown First Friday! (Studios throughout lowertown are now going to open on the first Friday evening of each month) And I am on the prowl for a show somewhere new. 

In my spare time (ha!), Joel and I are busy getting our studio/living space ready for the crawl. Joel is doing the last of the wall painting. We are both tidying up. Soon we'll start hanging the artwork. The Art Crawl is only a week away!


pinkglitterfae said...

congrats on the women's press cover!
sounds like you've got some busy weeks coming up, there's nothing like deadlines to force you to work, lol!

ArtSnark said...

really like the addition of the little birds