Sunday, December 20, 2009

In the Spirit of the Season--the painting!

After writing the earlier post, I headed to my studio to do a little painting. It wasn't too cold (by Minnesota standards--anything above 20 degrees is mild in December/January) and the fresh snow that had fallen overnight added to "it's almost Christmas" sort of feeling for the day. A nice feeling to take into the studio.

I threw in my James Taylor holiday CD and went to work. Remember these?

Can you match the one in the group photo to the final product pictured above? There's been a lot of changes along the way.




Adding all the details and working in these vibrant colors (which happen to match the colors of my studio, by the way) is such a spirit lifter. Really, I could work round the clock to finish this series. I wish that I had started (and finished) these earlier--because I think they would have made great holiday gifts (I dream of making a sale...LOL!) But I'll be ready next year!

The good news is with the next few weeks off, I will hopefully have the time to finish this series along with other paintings. I would rather paint than shop...but I need to do some of that still too!

I'll be posting more pics of the other paintings as they are finished. Stay tuned!


 In the Spirit of the Season
16x20 - acrylic on stretched canvas

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ArtSnark said...

wonderful colors!

Just popped by to wish you & yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy & healthy New Year