Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the winner is...


I used the random number generator and got #4! 
Seems I have a few things in common with AZviaTx--we're both 49 facing the big 5-0! AZviaTx once lived in the Twin Cities, but now calls Arizona home. At this point in the winter, I would love calling Arizona home too. AZviaTx is fairly new to blogging and is exploring the world of altered art. You can give her a little blog love here.

I enjoyed the magic carpet ride--I especially enjoyed finding some new blogs to follow. And I appreciate all the new folks who decided to follow me! I hope you will all visit often!

And now I'm off to the studio!

1 comment:

AZviaTx said...

I cannot believe this good fortune.
When I saw my comment was number 4,
I thought, "oh cool, that's the date of my birth. It's a lucky number for me". And, it was! I am thrilled to be receiving your "heart art". And greeting cards that someone else made? Now, I can take a break from making my own! Thank you, thank you.
I lived in Little Canada, White Bear Lake, Mahotmedi & Frogtown while I was in the Twin Cities area. Duluth, then Iron Range before I hightailed it outta there. 15 winters, sistah, 15. Brrr. Putting up that pic is so's an ad from a White Rain hairspray ad from 1960's. Yes, my mom sprayed that stuff on my hair all the time! Now we know it causes brain damage!! I mean, look at me, an alterd artist! Tina