Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Canada


I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been walking around lately singing "Oh Canada"--literally, I've been walking around singing "Oh Canada" in my head. (It sounds better in my head than when I sing it out loud--trust me!)

I get caught up in the Olympics every few years (winter and summer games)...but this has been a wonderful Olympics on so many fronts. Vancouver has put on quite a show. The city itself looks so impressive--I'm sure many folks will want to visit now that they've gotten a sneak peak via the Olympics.

But it's more than that...the Olympic games are a great celebration of sporting events. I found myself watching events I have never before seen--and getting completely caught up in the event. Who knew a race on snowboards could be so riveting?

I enjoy watching and cheering on the American athletes...but am inspired by the challenges that athletes from all over the world face. Who did not feel the pain of Canadian Joannie Rochette...skating for a medal just days after losing her mother? Or who didn't feel the pressure Korean skater Ya-na Kim faced to bring home the gold? And yes, I was cheering on the U.S. to bring home the hockey gold, but even I understood how important that gold medal was to Canadians. (I still remember how special the 1980 hockey gold medal was!) I look forward to a rematch in 2014!

And geez, who knew half of Hollywood was Canadian?!?

Now that the Olympics are over, my evenings will return to normal...there will be movies to watch and chores to do. 

And in just 2 years there will be the summer Olympics--in London!


wyanne said...

I don't even like hockey and that was an incredible game!

Debby said...

They were amazing games. I have to tell you I am glad they are over, so exhausted, not sure I could take much more. LOL... I am so proud to be Canadian! That was an incredible hockey game.

pinkglitterfae said...

They were great games! I got hooked too, and strangely enough, I found I could watch any sport at all. In fact I watched 3 curling matches, lol! Incredible hockey game, super effort by the US to tie the game, they had my stomach in knots, haha!
big sigh of relief when it was all over though. Both our counties did fantastic!