Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to work I go...

My late-winter mini-vacation is over. I am back to work. I so needed the break. A break from all the stresses of work--including winter driving to/from work, listening to my clients and helping them resolve their issues (I'm a social worker by day), and just the usual dramas of the workplace.

I spent oodles of time in the studio last week. It was my week to pretend for just a bit that I was a full-time artist. I got so much accomplished and had some new ideas. The wonderful thing about going to the studio every day is that it's so much easier to establish a flow in your work.

Plus my studio is a wonderful place to be in the dead of winter. Thanks to the sunlight streaming through the windows and the generous amount of heat pumped into the place, it is always a little tropical there. I like that. Alot.

So the week off accomplished its goal--I'm feeling refreshed. There's no doubt that I'll be missing my time at the studio, but soon the days will be longer (sunlight-wise) and I'll be spending some evenings in the studio after work. 

Spring is almost here, right?


Pat said...

Glad you're refreshed and raring to go :)

So, did you enjoy being a full time artist - even if it was only for the week?
Is that what you would love to do for a day job?

Toni said...

Your studio looks so inviting with the sunlight streaming in. A week of art is so good for the soul especially with a job like yours. I don't know how social workers do it sometimes. I applaud you in all that you do.

wyanne said... have a tough job. I'm glad you had a week long art break. That's fantastic! Can't wait to see some of your new creations!

Indigene said...

I love that sun shine streaming in! Wow, that is a happiness maker.

starseasons said...

You're right about the break. I need one too. I took last weekend off, partly anyway, and it help a bit.