Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pizza Farm


I was just paging through old blog posts and found this post I never published. These are pictures I took last summer when we went to Red Wing for our anniversary. One of our side trips was to a farm near Stockholm, Wisconsin to enjoy the best pizza ever. It's made fresh at the farm in their outdoor brick ovens--with locally raised/produced ingredients.

Even the farm cats are hoping to to steal a bite or two--

But back to the top pictures--

The first pic is of a rural church near the farm. I'm not sure if services are still held there, but it looked so inviting I made my hubby pull over so I could take a pic. We saw a few other similar churches along the way and I regret not taking pics of them as well. I guess these churches remind me of my childhood and the landscape that was a part of my youth. 

The three other pics were taken at the Pizza Farm. It was such a beautiful night. Again, it brought back childhood memories of the farms of relatives that we visited during the summer.  I liked the "fish" sculpture hanging on the side of one old least I think it's a fish. 
What do you see?

(I can't wait till it's summer and we can return to the Pizza Farm!)

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Anonymous said...

These are great photos, Risa! I especially like seeing the summery scenes while here our landscape looks like a frozen tundra.