Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looking for a little divine inspiration!

Last week I went back to work on a painting I started late last summer. It is inspired by a photo I took of my hubby a few years ago at the State Fair.  Below you can see the start of the painting last year.

 I'm somewhat at a standstill now with this painting. I have to work on the face/hands...not my favorite part (which is why I hold off till the end). And I need to figure our what to do with the background behind the figure. Not sure what I want to do. Any ideas?

I'm hoping to finish this painting for the State Fairs Fine Art competition. Registration is due next Monday. The painting doesn't really need to be finished till you drop it off for the "judging" in early August. I've got lots of painting to do in the next few weeks! Feeling pressured to get something done never seems to help me feel I've put this aside for a few days to work on other things and to wait for some divine inspiration!

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Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I hope you inspiration strikes soon. Mine never does when I am under pressure. I hope changing focus for a while works for you.