Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ready for Trotter's...almost!

I'm busy with final preparations for hanging the show at Trotter's tomorrow! Those preparations included finishing these three 12x12 paintings early this afternoon! I wrote about the progress of this painting at this earlier post.

I probably need to play with these photos a little more (or take new pics on a sunny day), but I've got things to do tonight! I still have to spray paint a frame, attach some hanging hardware to some paintings, and do some work on the computer.

And until this show is up, all I can really think about is what paintings I'm hanging, what walls they should hang on.... I think I will be fine once I get my paintings in the space and can actually see what looks good where. Until then, my mind is in overdrive.

I would like to say I will be relaxing after this show is hung, but not really! I will be hosting an open studio next Friday, August 6th and plan to finish even more paintings in this series...guess I'll just keep it in overdrive!

But I'll be back soon with pictures from hanging the show!


RuffHaven said...

You are one busy lady. Good Luck with the show and open house. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about both

Pat said...

Good luck with the show! xx