Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lowertown First Fridays--It's an Holiday Art Extravaganza!

It's a busy time of the year...people are trying to make the best use of their when you can combine a fun, relaxing evening of music and art with the opportunity to do a little holiday shopping (for that unique, one of a kind gift that will be remembered!)...well, why not! Lowertown First Fridays is just the ticket--and it's almost here!

(For those of you who are new to LFF, Lowertown First Fridays (or LFF) is an association of artists in Lowertown St. Paul who open their studios (or have a gallery arrangement) on the first Fridays of the month. Buildings will be open from 6 to 9:00 pm. For even more information about building participation, go here or here. Anyways, December's LFF is this Friday, December 3rd, 6-9 pm!)

Many buildings and many artists are participating in LFF, making it a fun night to head down to Lowertown St. Paul. Heads up on the construction down here: the streets have been paved, making it much easier to get around! There is even some street parking--free after 4:30 pm. (Lots of off-street parking too for a nominal fee--there's a big lot across the street from the Tilsner at Kellogg & Broadway. Also a big Transpark lot behind the Northern Warehouse.)

I will be open at my Tilsner studio--Studio 507...but I thought I'd tell you a bit about some of the other artists open at the Tilsner...

the work of artist Stephanie Guidera

First, head to the second floor where you will find two fine artists open. In Studio 201, you will find the work of painter, Stephanie Guidera (work pictured above). Stephanie is frequently hard at work during LFF on her latest painting...stop by and you might just catch an artist in action!

work by Jeff Hansen


Down the hall in Studio 209, Jeff Hansen will be showcasing his remarkable nature photography (work pictured above). He does amazing work and will definitely have work for sale!

painting by Amelia Gluba

Head up to the 5th Floor and you will find a number of open studios! Mason Weedman in Studio 505 will be showing how he builds and repairs fine instruments like cellos...and will have a cellist playing. Amelia Gluba in Studio 504 will be showing a number of paintings (such as above) and her mixed media stuff! In Studio 501, Theresa Crushshon will be sharing her African American paintings. PJ, a jewelry artist, will be showing in the hallway and I will, of course, have my studio--#507 open. There will be lots of treats as well!

Once you've checked out the Tilsner, I recommend you check out some of the other buildings as well. Many fine artists will be open over at the Jax, 253 E. 4th Street. This is where I have my working's just a short walk from the Tilsner. I encourage you to check out the work of painters Barbara Evan and T. Young (aka Tracy Olson), to name a few! Wrapping up the evening with a visit to the Northern Warehouse is always a good bet. The AZ gallery will be hosting an opening and the Black Dog will have lots of music. Don't forget to head upstairs to the open studios of resident artists such as Rhea Pappas and Kara Hendershot and many more!

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Gloria said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Risa. Enjoy. That work looks great by the artists. Have a great rest of the week.