Monday, December 20, 2010

We're moving...

a view of the living space...and those windows...taken from the lofted bedroom above

...not out of the Tilsner, but just 5 floors down (directly below) to a first floor unit. I've been keeping this news mostly to myself for the past several weeks...not wanting to jinx it while we weighed the pros and cons and then waited to get our transfer request approved.

So today we got the call and I am busting at the seams, anxious to share with you the news that we are on the move in just a few short weeks!

This really wasn't a move we were looking to make...I love the coziness of our current space with it's view of the river! I have told my hubby on numerous occasions that I was happy staying put. But about three weeks ago, he was walking past the empty first floor unit and convinced me to take a look.

those beautiful windows

My hubby knows me well and knew that when I walked in I would be taken with the expansive space, high ceilings, large brick wall and those incredible floor to ceiling windows. We walked through and started to think about the possibilities of this space.

and that incredible brick wall some 20 feet high

Mixed in with the positives, there were some negatives to moving and losing our current space. So we made two visits to look at the new space and have had many discussions weighing the pros and cons. While the space is larger, it also comes with higher rent...which will force us to give up our outside studio space at the Jax (ultimately by moving everything into one large space we will cut our expenses). I love my Jax space, but having a studio space at home will have its advantages too.  And my studio space in the new apartment will be the room just to the left of the open space (see top photo) also has floor to ceiling windows--perfect for painting! The only down side to those windows is that they look out on a busy street. There will be more traffic noise and no view of the river. But we will have a lofted bedroom towards the back of the apartment. Outside of the windows and studio space, this was the biggest factor in deciding to take the will give us much more privacy than we have in our current space.

In the end, we decided the positives outweighed the negatives...and decided to go for the change. Once we saw the space we simply could not stop thinking about how this space would work. We've already been dreaming of trips to Ikea and planning how to use the new space. 

So we will wrap up 2010 in Studio 507, but kick off 2011 with a move to Studio 107.


Melanie said...

So cool that it worked out!!! Ever since you told me about it I thought it was awesome!!! Can't wait to see it in real life....I think you will love it...especially the more private space upstairs. Cool!!

Amelia said...

good luck. Waht a wonderful space. Hope you fill it with tonnes of creativity and happiness.

Wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year.