Monday, December 13, 2010

And my WARM mentor is...

Several weeks ago I wrote here with excitement about learning who my WARM mentor would be these next two years. I wanted to share with you then who the artist is, but I also felt I should wait to share her name until I cleared it with her. Well, weeks have past and I have met with her and now I can share my great fortune! I will be working with mixed media figure artist Brenna Busse. I have admired her work for several years. I am sharing pics of one of her pieces that I bought as a birthday present for my dear friend Julie. You can check out more images of her work at her website or if you're in the area, the Grand Hand Gallery carries her work.

Brenna creates her pieces using a variety of materials...clay, fiber, and often,  materials found in nature, such as sticks and stones. I had picked this piece out for Julie before I even knew Brenna would be my mentor. Brenna wrote this about her work (taken from her website):

"My intention is to communicate and inspire. Using materials as metaphor; I share my celebration of the beauty of nature, faith in possibility and the sacred quality of daily life…"

During Julie's visit, we were able to visit Brenna during her recent show at Ramsey.

me, Julie, and Brenna

I will start the mentor program, with Brenna as my guide, in January. I have met with her just twice--first, for the interview and then most recently, we met to review my work plan. Each time that we have met I leave energized and with a clearer vision of what it is I want to work on. Brenna asks good questions and perhaps even more importantly, she is a good listener. I am sure I will learn much and grow even more.

Next up: my work plan!

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