Thursday, June 24, 2010

Educating Risa

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday "educating" myself on how to build my own website. Holy Moly! Granted, I'm trying to do it on a hosting site with layouts available...but it is still a steep learning curve. This is going to take a while. I feel a little over my head, but determined.

So I went to bed late last night and dreamed of building that damn website and being preggers! 

Well, at least building that website is more likely to happen than the latter--I turn 50 this year!

(Anyone with Squarespace experience that can give me any helpful tips? Please let me know!)


carol gourley said...

Great determination, you are inspiring me. Just turned 51 on June 19th and had a dream about being preggers myself. Was a little shaken up when I woke up that morning.LOL
Can't wait to see your WEB when it's all done

Michelle Brunner said...

Good luck with the website! I seriously have no clue about this stuff and end up giving myself a headache whenever I try to figure it out! I give you LOTS of credit:)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is wierd - I have dreamt lately of being pregnant! Maybe it is pregnant with new ideas??

Good Luck with the website!

Dana Barbieri said...

ha ha. i hope your not preggers and 50.. unless of course you wanted to be. :) i haven't attempted to whole web site thing. It sounds huge. Good luck.