Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday I pushed myself away from the computer and stepped out of the studio for a day of inspiration and play. I spent the day with a friend who nourishes my creative spirit. We are both creative souls, expressing ourselves in our own ways.

We are also walking beside each other as we face the experience of being laid off. While I wish we were not both going through this experience, I am thankful for a friend who understands firsthand what I am feeling these days.

We had a grand time...traipsing through the neighborhoods of south Minneapolis; stopping to check out fun little shops, enjoying lunch at a small neighborhood place, and then checking out the Foot In the Door exhibit at the Institute of Arts.

It was a welcome break to spend the day enjoying a sunny summer day, playing. It was a day filled with joy and inspiration...the kind where you feel good about yourself and remember your dreams. The kind of day where you feel like you can accomplish just about anything.

It's not always easy holding on to those feelings...those feelings of invincibility, power, strength. They can be gone overnight, when you rise in the morning to gray skies. 

At least that's the way I felt this morning. 

Try and stay Brave, I told myself, Dream BIG.  I've drudged off to the studio to do some painting. I went for a walk between studio sessions.

And tonight I sat down to play with this blog layout (again)...determined to convert from a 2 column to 3 column layout. While I knew a website that I could go to for instructions, I was still a little leery. I logged into Blogger, ready to go to work and as I was navigating Blogger I noticed a change--a 3 column layout is now available! Presto! I now have a 3 column blog! 

It may be a small victory, but a victory nonetheless!


carol gourley said...

Risa, I was so excited to read your comment today about blogger has a way to do 3 columns. That was next on my to do. I tried it the other day and no success. I'll check my blog and give it a whirl. thanks.
Glad to hear you had a nice visit with a friend. sounded wonderful

Chris Fegles said...

Risa, I wasn't laid off, but had a health condition that basically had me lay myself off for almost a year. I was doing well as a Realtor, but the stress was too much. Now I'm back to work, working for a landscaper, part time $12 hr and no benefits, but also no stress. Wanting to take Kelly Rae's class and momentum to make my creative dream do the rest! I like that you were smart enough to take time for yourself!!! Well done.