Monday, June 14, 2010

Report Card

Last Monday I posted a list of Five Things on my To Do List for the Week. It's time to report on how I've done!

1. Walking: C plus.  In my defense, can I just say that it's been very wet here in Minnesota. Rainy & dreary! I could use a few sunny days to help with my motivation. Alas, the forecast is pretty much the same this week. So to myself I say: Deal with it!

2. Clean my Jax (painting) studio. B plus. It wasn't a complete overhaul, but I moved things around & tidied up...enough to free up some creative energy (that was the goal).

3. Finish some paintings. A minus.  Still working on this...but I was very focused! I concentrated my energies on working on 3 paintings--all in the Hope Garden series. The largest (24x36) is a commission piece, but I'm also working on 2 smaller pieces (16x20, 18/24)! Sometimes the detailed work is the most tedious, but I'm determined to finish these 3 this week. Promise!

4. Work on my Etsy shop. D. What can I say? I did edit one listing. This morning I took pics for new listings. We're focusing on this stuff in Kelly Rae's course this week, so that should renew my enthusiasm.

5. Work on my blog layout. A minus. I did it! I converted to a 3-column layout. I've been dreaming about this for a while...and one night I bit the bullet. I'm still doing some tweaking...this week I hope to design a new header.

So what does that give me for an overall grade? I'm going with a B. Definitely room for improvement, but I'm focused on these short-term goals (along with a few long-term ones). 

I'm keeping these goals on this week's To Do list.  What's on your list?   


Anonymous said...

oh what a great peek into your creative space! i love it!

have a great night!

ciao bella!
creative carmelina

Michele said...

Well I pretty much got an F on my report card this week. :) So I say you've done very well indeed.

Sounds like you got a lot of important things done, and I'm really loving that painting you are working on in the first picture. It's gorgeous!

Jodi Ohl said...

Love your report card idea--great way to keep yourself on track and moving toward your goals!

Jill said...

your to do list reminds me of my to do list.My etsy shop is just plain sad, always saying I'll get to it but i would rather listen to nails scraping a chalkboard.
Oh well...I'll DEAL WITH IT!:)

Heartfire At Home said...

LOVE your workspace, those curtains are such a gorgeous colour. And, I think anyone who converts their blog to 3 columns deserves a triple A plus..... It's on my list of things to do, but I'll be getting my web lady to do it for me as I'm too scared to mess with my custom template!

So A+++ for you! :)

Linda. xx

Msartist said...

Oh, nice sharing your to do list~ and creative space. Popping in from flying lessons. Glad to meet you~
Have a great week. Theresa

carol gourley said...

I love this blog Risa. The report card idea is so cute and really a good idea. your studio looks great and so does your 3-column blog. Thank you for helping me with mine. Still have to do some tweeking too, but there's no rush for that. Looking at your list, I need to be doing alot of other things first. hehe

lori diane said...

Your studio looks so nice and neat!!! I wish mine could stay that way. Thanks for stopping by my site...see you at flying lessons!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I would probably end up on daily report like when I was in high school!

Your blog is looking fabulous!!! ♥

Shona Cole said...

that is pretty good overall. I like this 5 things on my list idea. anything to get me going is good!
that painting is perfect for summer, bright and cheerful

Shari said...

Hi Risa,
Followed you from Harmony's blog, and Flying Lessons. Love your report card idea...a wonderful way to check in with yourself. I've also been wanting to convert to a 3column blog...was it hard? When I get underway, I might have to ask you for some help. I love how your blog looks. You are doing a great job!