Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Tilsner


I just returned from my building's All-Co-op meeting and I'm excited. For those readers that are new to my blog, a year ago me and my hubby moved into the Tilsner.  Physically, the Tilsner is a beautiful old building (built in 1895), six stories tall, still proudly bearing beautiful brick walls and exposed timbers in all 66 units. It is located in Lowertown St. Paul (walking distance from downtown) and if you look outside my window you can see the mighty Mississippi. (Just click on the Tilsner label on my sidebar to see other entries with pics of my home)

 The Tilsner in 1902 and then today. 

The building was renovated in the 80's by ArtSpace--specifically for artists. Truth be told, no one else really wanted to live in this area then.  That's all changing now!

My hubby and I lived in Lowertown prior to moving into the Tilsner. We loved the vibe of the artist community. It was a dream to move into one of the ArtSpace buildings.

It's been an interesting year...living with a group of artists...well, it's a cast of characters! Think about it...all those creative folks living in one building! I love that people here, for the most part, are very friendly. Having lived in many apartments over the years, it's a huge plus knowing your neighbors and feeling part of a true community. If there is a negative it's that with all those creative personalities you have many different ideas on how to do things...and sometimes we all want to do things our way (or no way!). 

So I was a little anxious about the meeting tonight...I'm not a huge fan of big group meetings. But tonight I was struck by how crazy wonderful it is to be living in a building with such talented folks. We started our meeting with a round of introductions (lots of new residents!)...we all said a little bit about what we do...there were photographers, writers, painters, actors, film/videographers, sculptors...it was amazing hearing what everyone does!

Just crazy wonderful


(All photos used are from ArtSpace, tilsner.net or the MN Historical Society)


ArtSnark said...

sounds like a very cool place.Just popping by to see how you are :D

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