Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching my breath!

I am taking this evening to catch my breath and pamper myself just a bit. Today I had my third and final interview for the WARM mentor program. Each interview was outstanding in so many ways. Although at the onset, the interview process loomed before me as intimidating, now with the interviews behind me, I look at the interviews as invigorating, informative, and interesting on so many levels. 

I learned much about myself as an artist. The process allowed me to see the progress that I've made in the past few years. I left each interview feeling more accomplished than I generally see myself as. I still have much work to do (always will), but I can look ahead with confidence.

And I have renewed energy for my painting...not that it was really waning...but I'm feeling a burst of energy about working on new pieces. Such a good feeling to carry into the studio!

I have two weeks to wait before I learn who I will be matched with. Interviews are still underway for two more weeks. I'm glad I'm done and will be painting away to pass the time! Hopefully the time will fly by!

So tonight I am planning an evening to unwind. I made an awesome dinner...a pasta dish with chicken and thai peanut sauce. I may bake some oatmeal cookies...with dried cherries and chocolate chips (I've been sooo domestic lately...baked pumpkin pies this weekend). And before bed, I plan to soak in the tub with some fragrant bath salts. Aah...

And's back to the studio!

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