Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our first snow!

I don't do much painting of traditional scenes in traditional sort of ways, but there are exceptions. At this time of year, as the holidays approach and we enjoy our first snow, I usually try to capture the look and feel on canvas. Above is a small painting I finished last year.

Yesterday I started some new winter paintings.

work in progress, 12x24

detail of a work in progress, 16x20

And magically, today we are enjoying our first snowfall of the season. It was 70 degrees this past Tuesday, but we knew it couldn't last!

It's also a perfect day for baking! I'm going to make my Spicy Christmas shortbread. It makes the whole house smell like the holidays! I posted the recipe here. Yum!


Barbara Cameron said...

First Snow. I live in Canada and we get our fair share of snow too. I only hope this winter isn't as bad as 2 winters ago. That was AWFUL. Get out the snow shovel.

ArtSnark said...

Oh how I miss the snow. thanks for sharing your painter & photo