Saturday, November 6, 2010

Party over!

Last night was our special celebration for the first anniversary of Lowertown First Fridays--an open studio event in Lowertown St. Paul. In our building, we had a fun time with decorating our treat table.  We had a special larger-than-life glass of the bubbly next to the cake.

Crowds were sparse, but life goes on. I was blessed to have several friends stop by to visit my studio...some for the first time. Friends visiting always feels good.

It was a long day ... filled with before the event errands (picking up six of those cakes), setting up my artwork (which includes moving around a bunch of furniture), and then... show on. By the end of evening, I was exhausted, but too wired to sleep well. So, after an evening of little sleep, I am wiped out.  But I still had to return my "gallery" to a home. That will be it for me today though.

Good thing there's an "extra" hour of sleep tonight--remember to set your clocks back!

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Gloria said...

That looks great. I love the way it was set up and I really love the lights in that huge vase/jar. Glad it was a fun time and the paintings look just awesome. Have a great week.