Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play Day!

Here in Minnesota, we've been enjoying an incredibly warm & sunny fall.  Anytime you can go into November without snow on the ground and hit temps in the 60's...well, that's something to enjoy...cause it will end soon enough!

So today I started out in the studio, with the plan to take a walk over the noon hour. It has been so bright in the studio...and a little too warm with the building's heat on!  I cracked open a window as soon as I got to the studio.

I decided to make today a Play Day. Sometimes it's good to take a break from working on paintings and do something creative to get the creative juices flowing. Today I cut up some canvas paper, with the plan to make painted envelopes and bookmarks. After I cut up the canvas paper, I started painting background colors.  When that got done, I pulled out my plastic doilies
that I love playing with and used them to create background designs.

Lunch time came and I headed home for something to eat and then a walk with my hubby. It was an incredibly beautiful day outside...just gorgeous! It was so nice to enjoy the day spending some time with my hubby. After walking downtown, we headed towards home. I was planning to head straight to the studio for more play (painting)! Less than a block from the studio, I hit some uneven sidewalk and took quite a tumble! You know, it was one of those embarrassing falls...I went down hard, in public, and just couldn't move for a bit. Really, I wanted to be invisible and disappear. Eventually I made it to my feet...I bummed up my left knee pretty good and twisted my right ankle (a mild sprain). Drats. I can be such a clutz.

I hobbled to the studio and decided I could continue painting...but sitting, with my feet propped up.  Tonight I'm definitely taking it easy.

Not quite the Play Day I envisioned, but it was still lots of fun. I think I'll do it all again tomorrow--minus the fall.


Gloria said...

Oh wow Risa!! That looks painful. You had better get that checked to be sure there are no torn ligaments. You don't want your knee bothering you later on in life. I know because I have both knees that give me excruciating pain from time to time. So sorry about your fall, yikes. Get well quick.

risa said...

Thanks for your concern. I think my knee will be fine, just a little sore...it's actually my ankle that's hurting far more. I've had bad knees for years, but it's manageable. The sad thing is I took a similar type of fall a month ago...my ankle "collapsed" in a sense. I've done this sort of thing all my life...definitely don't have the body of an athlete!