Saturday, January 2, 2010

Painting demons

I've been spending lots of time at the studio this week painting. I look forward to my vacation time when I can paint without having to schedule around work obligations. I dream about getting lots of work completed. It doesn't always go as smoothly as I imagine.

It's been a frustrating week--as far as how the painting has gone. Sometimes you have this picture in your head of how you want a painting to turn out and when you're working on it, things just don't go as plan. First, you have to deal with your own inner critic--you're biggest demon. Then sometimes you can get too caught up in wondering how other people will see your work. It can be a vicious circle.

Most days painting is a joy. But when I start struggling with that inner critic and unhappy with my work, I need to step back.

So Friday afternoon I just pulled out a few canvases and started throwing some paint on. I had no finish product in mind. My only intention was to lose myself in the joy of putting paint down and blending colors.

It was a success. I found my joy in painting again and quieted my own demons.

And the painting continues.



teri said...

Wonderful use of "studio time" - just paint for the joy of it!!! Let it continue!!!!

ArtSnark said...

Yay! So glad you got past that annoying critic.

Do you remember the Muppet Show? I always think of my I.C. as those cranky old guys who sat in the balcony heckling each show. Makes it easier for me to ignore the negative thoughts

Crushshon said...

I love the picture. It says so much about being an artist.

It is so funny because in life there is never enough time to do the things we are most passionate about. I am struggling with applying all the new and cool techniques I have acquired over the past couple of years to my old style to make new work. I am also trying to not spend a lot of money on new supplies and recycle what I have around here which is a BIG challenge. WOW!

As I sat at your kitchen table, a few days ago, I could not take my eyes off of your abstracts. They transcended me. I hope that when you are creating that you are inspired to create more abstracts. Not everyone understands the nature or language of abstraction. You have the combination complete.

Best of luck.