Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter blues

I am struggling with a bit of a January funk. Although I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, I am not a huge fan of winter. In fact, I enjoy it less and less with every year I grow older. I am starting to entertain a plan (really, just a dream) that involves moving to a warmer climate. I am beginning to understand why so many people retire to Florida or Arizona (my pick!)

Alas, winter will not be over any time soon. Fortunately, we are in the midst of a little winter thaw. Tomorrow for the first time this month, we may reach freezing--32 degrees. Frankly, I find it a little crazy that we get so excited about such things here. But hey, it does feel a heck of a lot warmer than last week!

And on a more positive note, there is even a little daylight still at 5 p.m. The days are starting to get longer!

Winter makes me want to hibernate. I want to be by myself, preferably in the studio, where I can paint and listen to music. It is almost always warm there--or at least it feels warm as the light filters in thru the pink & purple curtains. The walls are painted different colors--all purplish blues and deep magenta pinks. It is my sanctuary, regardless of the season.

the studio cleaned up for an art crawl event

Today I snuck out of work a little early--early enough that I was able to spend a few hours at the studio while there was still light. I worked on a set of three canvases that will be one "large" canvas when done (pictured at the end of this post). I feel like I need to spend every single day at the studio until I paint myself out of this funk. 

I have to say one of the things that has brightened my days this week has been finding that I have new "fans" on my facebook page and new followers of my blog. Connecting with other artists through these outlets has been a wonderful way to "meet" other artists...and reading and viewing what others are creating inspires me to keep making art as well.

Thank you for visiting! I always welcome and look forward to your comments/feedback. I hope that you will stop by often!  

Please share with me your links and I'm sure to pay you a visit very soon!

(And a special thank you to Laurie LeBlanc-Rickaby for featuring me on her blog--a definite day brightener!)


Pat said...

Winter blues, who'd have them, eh?
We're usually reasonably mild here near London, UK, but even we've been having a rough time with snow and ice this year.
Painting is a great way to forget the cold outside. I've invested in a daylight lamp also, so I can paint even when its dark.
Hang in there, winter will soon be over *hugs*

ArtSnark said...

Always love seeing your vibrant studio! What a great place to stave off the winter blahs :D

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love your colorful studio!
I'm in the same fact just yesterday, I was cruising looking for jobs in AZ!
Winters just seem to get tougher and longer the older I get.

THen I get scared, like you I've lived here (North Dakota) my whole life and it's frightening to think of leaving everything and everybody and I don't know where to begin?! Sell the house and then go.......or go, search out a job and then hope I can sell my home. It just ends up being less stressful to stay put :)

Sending you anti-funk vibes!!

Shona Cole said...

love this idea "I need to spend every single day at the studio until I paint myself out of this funk."
we all need that at times. good words.

what a fab studio space you have! all the better to create in.