Monday, January 11, 2010

Seed of Intention

There is something wonderful about painting blue skies and green grass when it's below freezing outside! Sunday I headed over to the studio for five glorious hours of painting. 

While I have plenty of paintings to finish, I have some ideas in my head that won't let me sleep at night. So when I got to the studio, I started by mixing my black gesso with my white gesso...making--you guessed it, gray!

I got in the groove of prepping canvases, so I was ripping open canvases and applying gesso like crazy. Here's all my wrappers on the ground!


And here's a bunch of canvases ready to go!

I never intended for all of them to stay I've said before, painting involves many layers. I took two of these gray-gessoed canvases and started painting a spring scene. That blue sky--3 layers.


After working in the studio all afternoon, I was freezing cold! Normally it's quite warm in the studio, but with these temps it gets quite cold there--especially when the sun goes down.

I am still fighting a cold and couldn't work any longer. I wish I could paint in "fast forward" motion and complete my painting in minutes as it's appearing in my brain. I am hoping to work some evenings after work this week, but that didn't go so well last week.

But as another artist, Judy Wise, recently wrote in her blog, "It all starts with a seed of intention." 

I like that thought. I think that will be my inspiration this week.

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ArtSnark said...

Looks like a good start to a new series - perhaps dreaming of spring?