Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Glad the Weekend is Here!

It's been a crazy, busy week--not in a bad way.  Still I'm glad that it's the weekend, things are slowing down and soon I will be heading to the studio for some painting time.

At work, at least part of the week, I stepped outside of my social worker role and performed the duties of the school cook. I love cooking. I cooked lunch one day for about 50 little kiddies (and well-deserving teachers) and then one night I cooked a meal for our evening program that families attend. My two meals were Mexican Casserole and Tator Tot HotDish. Both yummy. The hardest part of it all was standing on the concrete floor--killer on the back. But it was nice doing something outside of the norm.

Then I helped my soon-to-be 23-year-old son move to a new apartment. This wasn't a difficult move, since he was literally moving next door (bigger apartment with more windows)...but still there was stuff to move, running around to Target and Ikea for supplies and of course, lots of cleaning. But I am super proud that my son did so much of it on his own--including the cleaning! He is growing up! I am also grateful for a husband that was so willing to help out!

And I've been consumed with watching Lily the Black Bear in her den any possible moment. Lily is a 3-year-old Black Bear expecting her first litter of cubs. She has been part of a bear research group since her birth. Well, she delivered her cub (just one!) on Friday. I missed the live birth cause I had to move my son, but it's wonderful to watch her. You still can! Now you can hear her cub squealing! Check it out here--but I warn you it's totally addicting!

Oh ya, also throw in there a trip to Dick Blick to take advantage of their semi-annual canvas sale. I bought 20 new canvases. Most of them are small, but you get the lowest price when you buy 20 (any combination of styles, sizes).

So I'm heading off to the studio to start working on those canvases. Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend! (We are having an unusal rainstorm here in's not supposed to rain in January in Minnesota...could be ugly when it freezes!)

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ArtSnark said...

Sounds like a busy but satisfying week - have fun in your studio!Are we going to start seeing bears in your paintings now ;D