Monday, January 18, 2010

Today at the Studio

I decided to start a new feature "Today at the Studio"--from time to time I will post pictures from my day at the studio. Well, I guess I do that already, but I'm going to do it in this way without so much commentary. Mostly pics, with a few comments. Or no comments.

Sometimes when I show pics of a work in progress, I can get caught up in wanting to explain my process--which isn't bad, but sometimes I just want to post the pics--to show progress, to not get "inside my head" so much, to just be able to step back myself and see what I think (and what you thing as well!)

So here we go, with the first installment of  "Today at the Studio"--









Thinking spring. Dancing to the Bee Gees. Life is good.


Lisa Erickson said...

Loving the pink bike! What a sweet ride up to the pink house. Thanks for sharing your day in the studio!

rachel awes said...

more than a woman, you are! (bee gee bliss). charmed by the lovely colors and feeling in your painting. so fun to see we have much in common! bestbest to you, risa!!