Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to the 9-5

Click on the picture to check out the Etsy listing!

It's been lovely having these last few weeks off. In the last few days I've really enjoyed the groove of heading over to the studio and doing some work. The past few days I've been holding my very own Valentine's painting party! It's been great fun. I also listed a few items on Etsy: the necklace above and packs of the cards I make that feature my artwork. Check it out!

Unfortunately, tomorrow I head back to the 9-5 gig. It will once again be a juggling act to find the time to get to the studio. I can come up with some grand scheme to get there every day, but I know that will not happen. I just have to promise myself to do the best I can. And I know I will, because I love it so.

I'll try to get pics up soon of my latest work. In the meantime, please check out the treasury I created on Etsy. A number of the Etsians I featured have just a few sales (like myself)...whenever I can feature beautiful work of newbies, I will...Believe me, I know how hard it is to get things going. So here's the link:


claudia said...

I LOVE this necklace! Let your brother know it would be the perfect Valentine gift for me!

Jen said...

Thanks for letting me know that my link wasn't working on my blog...oops! Sorry you have to go back to the grind!

Toni said...

Risa, thank you for stopping by my blog. The necklace is beautiful! I read your past four post and wanted you to know that I know just how you feel. working during the day then trying to get to the studio is hard. and oh the feeling of wanting to do everything and when you make it to the studio it is so hard to start. Just wanted you to know you are not the only one. I think a lot of us feel the same way. Keep creating even if it is just putting paint on a canvas for future collage work.

Michelle Brunner said...

Thanks for including me in your treasury! I know what you mean about going back to the daily grind..I am back to work also! It is hard to work on art but we need to find time somehow! Great colors in the necklace!

ArtSnark said...

great treasury!