Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An evening at the studio

I promised myself a trip to the studio tonight, so after a long day at work and a quick dinner, I headed on over. I wasn't sure what I would accomplish, because I came home so tired. But I decided it was worth pushing myself a little to see how it felt.

I started by working a little on my valentines in progress, but soon put those aside for another day. I prefer painting in natural light (which is part of why I don't spend much time at the studio in the evening).

So I started work on yet another project. A few weeks ago, just after Christmas, I bought a couple of blank journals. I picked them out with the intention of using them for a little art experimentation. I started the project by laying down a patchwork of paper.

That was it for tonight, but I'll continue working on the journal another day.


Michelle Brunner said...

I just love those papers on those journals! The patterns are great! Nice start to the valentines...what a great idea! I know what you mean about working in natural day light....it is so much better!


what fun new stuff !! glad you're making time for yourself in your studio !!

QueenBe said...

Nice journals!! I am hooked on making them myself right now. I love the colors!

ArtSnark said...

Love the patchwork papers!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Great little valentines...and I just love your patchwork journal!