Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week 2: The 12 Secrets of highly creative women

My Studio

Secret 2: Honoring Your Inspirations

Even in the dead of winter, time often seems to go by too quickly--specially when you have a task at hand. Our assignment this week was, in a sense, to "to honor our inspirations" take notice of what it is in our life that makes us feel alive, that lights that flame of inspiration, that put a little spring in our step and makes us feel passionate about essence, that moves us to create beautiful things.

I've been kicking this around in my head all week, trying to pay attention to what those things are for me. I think I have a good idea of what those things are for me. This is a hard exercise for me to do in the dead of winter...because it is a time of year when I just want to crawl into a cave and sleep till there is a spring thaw. Really, I crave being alone (I guess that can start my list). But, this is probably a really good time of year to remind myself of what things make me feel here goes:

  • Color: intense, vibrant, deep, rich, bright, dark, purple, fuscia, sage, orange, black...color makes me feel alive. Color speaks to me. I feel it in my bones. When I start painting and start mixing colors...well, that is bliss for me.

  • The Sun. Probably is coming to mind so quickly, because it is the dead of winter and I am missing sunshine. I am dreaming of living in a sunnier, warmer climate one day.

  • Museums. On a bad day, a visit to a museum, especially favorites such as the Mpls Institute of Arts, can remind me that there is beauty in the world.

  • Music. I have to have music playing when I'm painting. There are some paintings that I think should be titled after the song that was playing while I was creating it. BeeGees. Earth, Wind & Fire. David Sanborn. James Taylor. Andrea Bocelli. Old school Motown. I like to dance alittle while I'm creating.

  • Family. Relationships mean everything.

  • Baking. I love creating by baking. I have favorites that I love to "gift" family and friends with.

  • Baseball. Especially Twins baseball. When I step into the stadium, I feel that state of bliss. I have a whole other blog devoted to baseball (badly neglected these days, but spring training begins soon!)

  • Chocolate. Especially dark chocolate.

  • Diet coke.

  • My studio. I love, LOVE being there.

  • Given the time and energy (which seemed to be lacking this year), decorating for the Christmas holidays. (I still have to to put those decorations away)

  • Traditions. Romance. I am a sentimental fool.

  • Nature.

  • Long soaks in the tub. I am definitely more of a bath (vs. shower) person.

  • Helping others. I know I said I crave being alone...but I'm also the sort that is "fed" by helping others...hence, the social worker in me.

I'm sure as soon as I finish this list, I will remember things I've missed. But this is a good start. These are the things I turn to when I feel depleted, when I'm searching for a little inspiration.

What's on your list?


ArtSnark said...

Great post. I share some of your faves- alone time, dark choc. & music definitely! I have several pieces titled by song lyrics -sometimes they just fit. Will have to ponder your question. It's a really good one

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Your studio is just wonder you love it so much!

Some of my inspirations are... nature, being able to connect with a place - old buidings and houses are my favorite.

Great post!

Rose said...

Hummm this is going to get me to thinking!

Her Speak said...

Here's to the Loving Fool! :)

Love your studio! What a sweet little corner you've created! Your list sounds a lot like mine, especially the music! I love having an awesome variety at my finger tips. The choices the choices...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. :)

Merry Making~*

Her Speak said...
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linda said...

your studio and the soft color is gorgeous....I must have very bright color to paint, it seems, almost squintingly bright, so I especially noticed how soft and quiet it's very mellow...

somehow it escaped me to make a list but much of what you have listed would make mine ,other than I already live in california so I do get lots of sun, which I could not live without....I also love my long hot baths and am not a shower person unless I am pressed for time...that and my tub caddy to hold whatever latest magazine I am reading and ruining with my wet hands!

Belle said...

I love your studio - there's such a feeling of grace to it. Now I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I can transform my work space into a creative space ... Love your list, too - so many things on there that resonate with me.

CynthiaMarie said...

I liked reading your inspirations. I think lately I've been noticing what doesn't move me - what I've tried to make work a lot of my life. The square peg in round hole thing.

But the Sun definitely moves me back into action. The fall does also, but in a different way, and then there is the darkness of winter, the fallow time -- and the time when we are doing more for others than ourselves.

Here in Arizona I suppose it is easier, I'm climbing out of the winter cave. The rhythms of sleep have changed.

Enjoy your dark chocolate, in your lavender bath! I can taste and smell it now, and am inspired!