Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Secret 1: Acknowledging Your Creative Self

"Rebirth" acrylic on canvas 16x20

"There cannot be too many glorious women."--Marianne Williamson

Such a wonderful quote to open the book with. I think I'll read that quote each time I open the a reminder that the world is full of so many glorious women just waiting to share their gifts with the world.

Hey world, make room for one more glorious woman!

The first chapter of "The Twelve Secrets of Highly Creative Women" focuses on the first secret: Acknowledging Your Creative Self.

I think we all find our ways to our creative selves by taking different paths. And every now and then, we need to re-connect with our creative self.

I remember when I was just 8-9 years looking at a poster print of a Renoir painting and thinking "I want to do that. I want to paint beautiful things and share that with the world." I wanted to be an artist. I already enjoyed being creative and took pride in school art projects, but I was not the sort of bold girl that would announce that sort of BIG dream to the world. In fact, I announced it to no one.

But over the years, I took all the art classes that I could. I went off to college and initially was a journalism major (writing being another love), but soon I found myself in an art class, and then another, and another...until I was a studio arts major. Still I didn't plan on trying to support myself as an artist.

Over the years I always found ways to be creative. My children's earliest memories include "making art" alongside me, as well as exploring different art museums.

Now that my "children" (ages 24 and 22) are grown and I have a supportive husband, I am able to devote more time and energy to making art. For the first time in my life, I have a studio space dedicated to my artwork. Having that space allows me to do more artwork (I don't have to constantly put my work away), it has also given me "permission" to take my work more seriously. I'm not sure why and I know it's a mental game, but somehow working in the studio makes me feel more professional. (I don't think it should be that way, but it has helped me take myself more seriously. And I also feel I need to "justify" the space by using it).

So I have been painting, creating in my studio for about 2 years. I have opened up my studio during public "art crawls" 3 times now. It's been a process of creating more and also sharing my work more. I have found "marketing" to be nearly as time consuming as making art.

I'm at that point in my life when I feel closer to that little girl's dream than I've ever been. And that is part of why I am participating in this blogger book club. Reading the book will challenge me to think creatively about my art and what my goals/dreams are, and how to accomplish those dreams.

I am ready for the next secret.


Toni said...

Your journey with the secrets sounds like it is going to be wonderful.

carin.c said...

Wow - so fabulous that you have an art studio and are participating in your local artists' community! I love the vibrabcy of your paintings.... looking forward to following your journey :)

Belle said...

I'm seeing now that this new ritual of mine, of checking in with new book group posts, will be such a wonderful way to start the day. I loved reading about your creative journey to where you are today, and your paintings! they are so vibrant. I'm in love with them, and it is the perfect way for me to start my day today.

CynthiaMarie said...

Great Quote! Thank you for saying hi on my blog! xx Reading your story made me think of the first Mary Casset I saw and all the wonders of Museum's, art and otherwise.

Your art is so full of color and movement! What a joy. ..and yes I know about children being older and a supportive hubby and finally 'doing' what I wanted to be when I grew up accept I didn't know it till now..phew!! :)


traveler one said...

Hello glorious woman!! So nice to be on the journey together!Yippee!
Kim H

Anonymous said...

risa, thanks for stopping by and offering your creative sister support! I reciprocate in kind...

Leaping into the journey,

ps. I went by your etsy shop ~ I feel such exuberance and serenty coming from your pieces, and I especially like your "create" pendant ~ go figure!

miss*R said...

good for you! grab that little girls dream and run with it. xo

Rowena said...

I'm looking forward to the book, too. And all the fascinating women I'm meeting while participating in the book club.

Maybe I can get some reading done tonight while the kids take a bath. Hmm. Maybe.

In the meantime, love your paintings, and the idea of having GROWN kids like yours instead of toddlers like mine is a fascinating idea.

linda said...

your work is very evocative of the feminine..very beautiful and the colors are magical...I didn't read what medium you are working in?

also thank you for your lovely words on my blog....they are deeply appreciated...

Jamie Ridler said...

I love the idea of reading that quote each time you open the book.

Cheers to little girl dreams :)

spread your wings said...

this is great. i love reading about your journey thus far and look forward learning more. Your work is amazing - so bold and colorful. It's so wonderful that you have a studio and participate in the art crawls - must be an exciting experience.

Anonymous said...


I was touched by your claiming the childs dream with such juicy commitment, a studio! being open to the art crawls... What a woman. I love the orange nude in the side bar. Is this one of yours?

Michelle Brunner said...

The book sounds wonderful! I am excited to hear your thoughts about it:) I think I am going to go find it on amazon...I want to read it to!

Tara Sophia said...

I'm so glad you are getting closer and closer to that little girl's dream. Sounds like a deep desire of your heart that is still very alive. Congratulations on listening to it and supporting it!

Happy to be in 12 secrets book club with you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Risa for visiting my blog and giving me such encouraging words! I saw your many, many beautiful creations, I particularily love your paintings, they envoke in me such a peaceful, meditative mood. Than you for sharing yourself in this way.