Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first book club--online no less!

About a week ago I was reading Kelly Rae Roberts' blog and found a mention of a new book club blogging group about to start up...I followed the link to find out more and before I knew it, I had signed up! The title--The Twelve Secrets of Highly Creative Women--sounded intriguing and certainly appropriate for the start of a new year with resolutions still ringing in my ears (if not yet on paper). It felt like one of those opportunities that just lands in your lap at the right time...without you even looking.
This year I want to challenge myself as an artist to Dream Big, to set lofty goals and take the risks necessary to achieve them. I want to put myself out there even more.
This group will give me an avenue to explore some of those issues while also meeting up (in cyperspace) with other creative women.
Only problem: I couldn't find the book! Until tonight, that is. So I'm now set to begin.
About once a week, I will be writing about a new chapter in the thoughts, inspirations, questions that are prompted by reading that week's chapter, listening to the online interview with an artist, and also from reading the blog entries of other participants. I don't think you will need to read the book with me (or the other blogs) to follow this journey, but if you are interested in following along (or joining)--just click on the link on the right sidebar (or the picture above).
I look forward to starting this new venture.

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starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Risa,
I just posted a comment on the mixed media forum but wanted to say here, that I want to join the book club also. I'll try to find the book at my local bookstore. I love your goals for this year and it sounds like you will definitely accomplish them!
Happy creating,