Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vintage valentines & more

"Hello" mixed media piece 6x8 stretched canvas

I've been busy working on various pieces...definitely multi-tasking, moving between different projects. I'm working on a few pieces using vintage valentines. This one is placed on a 6x8 stretched canvas. First I painted the background a rich red that I accented with a bit of gold that I rubbed/wiped off the top. I placed the vintage valentine on top...sort of at it angle. This is definitely a vintage valentine...the edges are a little worn, but I think that just adds to the appeal. I added a ruby heart pendant to the woman's dress...placed where her necklace would have fallen. Finally, I used some gel medium to place some gold ribbon along the top and left edges.

I'm at a "stand back" point now. Not sure what, if anything, I want to add to the piece. (Suggestions/feedback welcome!) I am thinking about adding to the ribbon the words "Call me" or something like that (I keep hearing the blondie song in my head!..."call me, call me anytime, call me"). I did have a thought that it would be a fun piece to customize for someone, by putting their phone number on the piece (for the valentine they're pursuing!) I do sort of want to keep it as not to "overwhelm" the beauty of the valentine or the richness of the red. But then again, it could be fun to play around with it a little.

I also finished a few new pieces of jewelry for my etsy shop. Please check them out (click on the pic to see the listing)!


ArtSnark said...

Fun new pieces! I love the pendant addition.It really jumps out!

Julie said...

Ooh I love the necklaces! And the Phoenix rising--and your blog in general.