Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crazy Saturday

Journal cover--Work in Progress

It's been a crazy sort of day. I woke up feeling like I had hit a brick wall. Actually I got up for a little bit and then went back for bed. The fact that the temperature outside was well below zero really didn't help matters. But it was sunny outside, so after a slow breakfast, a diet coke and doing my ritual check of things on the computer, I decided to head over to the studio. I can't stand missing a sunny day at the studio (which is always warm!).

As usual, I put some music on (Norah Jones to start with) and started working. Before long, my daughter (who lives in the same apartment building) called to ask why there was no water. We shortly found out that several pipes had burst in the building. While this thankfully did no damage to either of our apartments, we have spent the day without water. It still is uncertain whether they will be able to turn on the water tonight. Drats.

But I managed to enjoy a productive day at the studio. I worked on some journal covers that I started several weeks ago and I like how they progressed today. I hope to finish them up tomorrow. Well, maybe.

This evening I've been busy listing on Etsy some "valentines" I made. On the one hand, I feel productive. On the other hand, with each new item I list without a sale I feel it's a total time-suck. And very discouraging.

That's it for the night. I'm ready to curl up and read the next chapter of Twelve Steps. Right after I walk over to the studio to use the bathroom!

One of my new Etsy on pic to go to listing

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Belle said...

What a beautiful journal cover! Everything I've been reading lately has been urging me towards picking up my art journals again. I was never very good about doing them, but posts like yours are so inspiring!