Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just a quick pic of a new painting I worked on yesterday. Taking a break from the flower and bird paintings (a series I'm thinking of calling "Embracing Beauty") to work on some abstracts. Regardless of subject matter, you have to be in the mood to paint whatever you're working on--even if it might seem like there is no subject matter.

I started this painting actually in late June. I started by applying some texture to the canvas with light molding paste (more on that tomorrow). But when I got ready to paint, the inspiration just wasn't there. So I put this and another canvas aside.

Not sure what shifted, but yesterday I was ready to work on these abstracts. I had a loose vision for the painting in my head, but it's best with paintings like this to be open to what happens (for any painting really). The end result isn't quite what I envisioned, but I like it more. I'm excited to start a whole series I think I might call "Industrial Abstracts".


MysteriousMindy said...

oooh I like it! Probably one of my favorites of yours!

Michelle Brunner said...

I really like the earth tone colors! Very soft!

Erin Kenepp said...

very nice!