Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Even though my life situation has changed, Sunday still signifies the drawing to a close of one week and the beginning of another. 

Sunday is all about wrapping up recreational weekend activities and looking forward to the week ahead.  I have to admit that Sunday evenings are a lot more bearable now that my Monday morning jaunt is just over to the studio. I have a lot more say now over what my week will look like. I'm not complaining about that one bit.

But whether you're headed to the office or just over to your studio a few blocks away, Monday morning means the beginning of a new week. I'm planning and hoping for a very busy week in the studio. I'm a little freaked out that it's already the middle of August. Everyone is talking about where the summer went and sending the kiddies back to school. 

And I'm right there with everyone else wondering what happened to this summer. I'm not really sure much is going to be changing for me this fall, but I do feel a certain pressure with summer coming to an end. I wanted to have so much more done by now. By "so much" I mean new artwork. It's a slow and steady process. I do feel good about how things are moving along...I'm excited about what I'm working on and have lots of ideas for new work. I am energized. And I think the best philosophy is just to stay on course and keep plowing ahead. 

So my plan for the week? Lots of studio time. Listing a few of my smaller paintings on Etsy. Working on my website. Putting myself out there and trying to line up a new show. Maybe tackling Photoshop. Definitely enjoying a few ballgames and this cooler, more manageable weather headed our way. Enjoying the summer we have left.

What's your plan for the week ahead?


Cris said...

How nice to get to work in your studio all week long! I will be heading back to school this week after my summer break. I work with special needs preschooler, which I enjoy, but it is harder to find time to work on my art~ All three of my kiddos will be at different colleges but commuting from home. This will be interesting!

Kelly McMichael said...

Freeing up our time for art is such a challenge. I changed jobs last year so that I could have more time to be creative. It's worked--but it also requires me being focused and having my family understand that when I'm in my studio, I am working and not available for their random needs!