Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It doesn't feel like Fall...

The summer is wrapping up. Folks are sending their kids back to school--I remember the secret joy felt as a parent when that day came! Freedom! It definitely signaled a change in the daily routine.

Not much changing here. Summer is still holding on. Even I am starting to get weary of the heat combined with humidity. My hair is definitely tired of it! In a few short days, the State Fair--aka "the Great Minnesota Get-Together" begins. That's my end-of-summer ritual...I love going several times (it runs 10 days) just to walk, people watch, and check out our favorite activites/buildings. Don't worry...I'll be sharing our exploits here!

Outside of that, my daily routine is just that...routine. I wake up, turn on the computer, make my coffee...and eventually make my way to the studio. Most days I get a couple of painting stints in at the studio (returning home for lunch break...) I'm coming to the realization that even introverted-me is getting a little tired of talking to the same three people every day--my hubby and kids. I need to get out more! 

It is one of the bigger changes in my routine. When I was going to my outside job five days a week, I had lots of socializing time with others. My work space was one big area filled with desks and very little privacy. Truth be told, it drove me a little crazy at times. I just wanted a place to hide! Plus, my job involved going into people's homes, listening to their problems and hopefully, offering some resolutions. 

Now I am totally at the other extreme...I work in isolation...which is the atmosphere I need in order to create. But I am becoming aware that I need to be sure to get out and socialize with others. I need to get out and seek some inspiration as well.

Looking for some changes in that direction might be my change this fall. Just curious...as an artist, do you struggle with isolation at times? How do you deal with it?

Me and my honey after a long day at the Fair!


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Sweet picture! Isolation...I definitely need it to work but I like having a community of fellow artists to share with. I've found a great community on-line and I'm part of a local group of artists and artistans that sell together. Working full time (except during the summer) makes me long for isolation to just create.

writerjoel said...

Honey, now you know why I drift about sometimes during my days and was so anxious to go somewhere when you came home from work. We live in such a marvelous community of people to mix with. You just have to start your day really early (you need the light to paint) and then socialize over lunch at Goldens or Back Dog, then retreat for some more work. Or take a sandwich and go to Mears. Or take a walk via the Skyway or streets downtown during the day for just a cup of soup. Don't bother me, though...working in isolation or mingling with friends (okay, I'm running around too much now myself).

catherine, aka sailorgirl said...

coffee shops. while i can make glass beads, design and make jewelry in my own space i cannot write. once a day or so i drag my laptop over to one of the local coffee shops, plug in and blog/facebook/write. i'll exchange words with a few people, smile, and be very productive. fortunately i live in a big city and have dozens of cafes to choose from. it's a phenomena known as being a "cafepreneur".

patty said...

I can so relate to what you have written here! I was teaching up until a year ago and around people all the time. I also longed for some concentrated solitude to create and now that I get that, I do love it, but it has to be a balancing act. If I haven't gone out at all for a day or more, I will make a point of getting together with a friend just to get some social interaction. I love the online community, but there is still something to be said for face-to-face communication! It broadens your horizens and ultimately moves your art in a positive direction also!