Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to Trotter's Cafe...

Today we headed back to Trotter's Cafe to rearrange the exhibit of my artwork in the cafe. The September artist only wanted to hang her work in one I got to keep some of my work up for a second month!

We took down all my work in the first room and then went to work changing things up in this second cozy room. I felt more relaxed about the whole thing, so I was able to snap some better pictures of the space.

Alongside one wall, there is a set of inset shelves--I put a few of my small paintings on the lowest shelf, along with my business cards and postcards.

We made some changes--mixing in some of the paintings that had been in the other room, changing how things were hung, and even adding a few different paintings. Here are some closer looks at my art.

Paintings from the Womanspirit series

The Four Seasons

Hope Garden

Offering Peace

I wanted things to look fresh for repeat visitors. I actually like the new look better. If you live in the Twin Cities area, please stop by and enjoy my art, along with a fantastic organic meal. (I enjoyed Tortilla Lucia today--a flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, black beans, and monterrey jack cheese, plus salsa--yummy!).


Michelle Brunner said...

Looks great! Hanging artwork can be so hard sometimes! Looks like you guys came up with a great combination! Wish I lived closer or I would check it out!

Diane said...

Looks great--I think that artwork really shines in this type of setting--Love your colors!!

Michele Fauss said...

Everything looks wonderful, I especially like the flower painting. So pretty! Congrats to you on being able to keep your work up another month!

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Risa-congrats! This is so exciting to see your work up on the walls. I did this too few years back and one of the things that really exposed me to more people was that on the weekends I would take an easel down to the coffee shop and sit outside and paint. Inevitably you will have people stand around you, watch you and ask questions etc. Of course I didn't have baby then:) I could do that.
Yes...i ordered my totes from Visa and I am SO happy with them-you will be too. The colors are rich and vibrant and clear. It came to about 12$ a bag (plus upload fee)...I ordered a whole bunch of other stuff cards, magnets etc. It took awhile to receive...or at least it seemed like it...from the time I ordered it but well worth it. I want to get square magnets but have not been able to find them. I wanted to sell my totes for less but they cost about 12$ to much are you charging for yours if you don't mind me asking? Great stuff going on over here Risa XXX