Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last night's First Friday went well! I sold a painting! Actually it was three paintings (pictured above) created to be one work of art (a triptych, if you will). 

Lowertown First Fridays is a relatively new event (just started this past November) crowds are still light. We had about 75-100 people come through last night. Although the crowds are small (compared to Art Crawl), it's  quite an enjoyable evening chatting with those who come out. I never expect sales, but I won't lie...I certainly want them. But if you go into it measuring your success by sales, you're probably not going to be all that happy. 

Instead, I set out to enjoy the evening visiting with folks, including my neighbors. It's always good as an artist to get feedback from other people about your work. It's good too to step away from painting, hang your work on the walls and see how things look. First Fridays energize me in a way that helps me keep on painting.

On just those levels, it was a successful evening. The sale was a bonus! And a bonus I really needed--every now and then it feels good to be validated in that way! The whole exchange with the couple that bought the painting was just wonderful...they had been married 38 years, raised three children (their "youngest" was with them...and they were just a wonderful couple. They looked at the above painting and asked about taking it home to see how it "fit" their home. I had no qualms about them doing so...we even talked about me doing a commissioned piece if this didn't work out.

But I was anxious waiting to hear from them whether they liked it or not. Early this afternoon I got the call. They loved the painting! It was wonderful hearing how they tried the painting out on different walls before they found the right spot. I loved hearing their response to the painting--I could tell they really understood the "energy" behind this painting. I know it has found a good home. That makes me so happy. 

In fact, I've been doing my happy dance all day (and just had to share my joy with you)!

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Jeanne Nelson said...

Congratulations, Risa!!! What a great moment this must have been. It is always such a pleasure to find someone so intensely interested in our artwork...and then for them to BUY it ~~ total bliss! Thank you for visiting my blog. Wishing you much success in the days ahead. Look forward to getting to know you. Happy Creating!