Friday, August 6, 2010

It's the first Friday of August...and that means--Lowertown First Fridays!

Today it's all about getting ready for another Lowertown First Friday.This morning I will be finishing work on a few paintings...

...and then turning my Tilsner home into a little gallery (Studio 507)! It happens the first Friday of every month from 6-9 pm. Several other artists at the Tilsner will be open, including a one-time only skateboard art show in Studio 601! I have been busy baking cookies for my guests. Cookies and art! Who could ask for more?

You can go to this website-- for all the information you need--maps, what buildings are open, artists features... LFF is a nice way to kick off your weekend...check out a little art and then take in some food and entertainment in the neighborhood (Black Dog, Bulldog, Barrio, and now Heartland...we've got it going on in Lowertown!) 

Hope to see you tonight!

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Cris said...

LOVE the doves!! Hey that rhymes!