Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Ladies in Waiting

This morning my Facebook status update was about these "ladies in waiting" waiting to be finished. These five 10x20's were started months ago and I work on them every now and then. They have been sitting on my studio's heating element all summer, faceless-yet staring at me, and seeming to say,  "We'll sit right here till you make us come to life."

Believe me, seeing their faceless faces has been nagging at me. But there is a reason I put off painting their faces. It makes me uncomfortable, because it scares me a little. I don't feel particularly good at it, but I keep trying it anyways. Because I want to keep challenging myself. It's good to step outside your comfort zone now and then. And even though I feel so unsure of myself, I keep painting them.  I think I might be done with this series, but then I think this is just the starting point. I think they will evolve into something very different...eventually. (I finished five of these 10x20 woman paintings last year--check the label "four seasons".)

This morning I headed to the studio and decided to put my anxiety aside and work on finishing these "ladies in waiting". It's time. I didn't finish any of them, but made enough progress to make me want to keep going.

Even if I'm not "in love" with how each of them turns out, I think it's time to finish them and move ahead. One of the hard things about painting their faces is that sometimes when I'm done I feel completely different about the painting...and not always in a good way. And then sometimes it just takes a while for the finished result to "grow on me".

It's not always comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it is a good thing.


pinkglitterfae said...

keep working on them Risa, even if you are not pleased with the result, you will learn how to do things differently (although I think they look pretty good so far...)
Or you may have a fabulous idea to change them up, and make something totally different. That's the beauty of paint :-)

lauren carney said...

Well isn't this a whole lot of loveliness wrapped up in a splendid blog!
I'm enjoying all the fanciful photos you have on display!
thank-you for sharing the inspiration!

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Risa-don't worry about painting their faces "correctly"...the important thing is to paint! I think they are great...there are so many times when I am not happy with the face or...a part of the painting... I just cover it up with gesso! I think it gives the painting depth, texture and interest. Applaud yourself for having the courage to paint anyway.
So nice to live near Dicks! I never knew that ordering online was cheaper-there is also a 10% off for this catalogue! If I had oodles of money I would turn my studio into an art supply store!!!No kidding...I suspect most of us artists would:) XXX